Tooth Extractions: There’s No Need To Fear

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As one of the most dreaded dental procedures, tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone, as reported by the Consumer Guide to Dentistry. While dentists explore other options before deciding to remove a tooth, there are instances in which it is necessary. Fortunately, advancements in dentistry have streamlined the process, which is why there’s no need to fear when it comes to tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth extraction is perhaps the most well known procedure when it comes to tooth removal. Typically, dentists will opt to remove wisdom teeth if they foresee that there is inadequate space for them to erupt, or to prevent infection, decay and periodontal gum disease. Yet, there are occasions when extracting other teeth might be recommended.

Consider the case of a severely decayed tooth that has become loose. In this instance, tooth repair is not usually an option, because decay is extensive. In fact, by leaving the tooth, the bone is at risk for infection. In another instance, when teeth are “nonfunctioning,” or when they do not have opposing teeth to bite against, dentists may suggest removing them so they will not impact the position and integrity of adjacent teeth. Similarly, when individuals begin orthodontic treatment, it might be necessary to remove teeth to create space for effective teeth straightening.

On the other hand, medications and/or therapies that impact one’s immune system might necessitate tooth extraction. For example, while some individuals undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments to combat the affects of cancer or other diseases, the weakening of the immune system places them at a higher risk for developing an oral infection. Thus, tooth removal becomes a way to safeguard against infection and other dangers.

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Without question, modern day tooth extraction includes several options for removal, many of which have been refined for greater precision, less discomfort and advanced healing times. That’s why Dr. Contractor and the team at Kennesaw Mountain Dental Associates encourage patients not to worry if they need a tooth removed. Not only do we provide comfortable amenities during your visit, we utilize the latest in digital technology to expedite your treatment and ensure that it is safe and effective.

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