Top Myths About Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth, the third molars that usually emerge in late adolescence or early adulthood, are surrounded by myths and misconceptions. At Kennesaw Mountain Dental, we want to clarify some of these common myths to help our patients make informed decisions about their oral health.

Myth: Everyone Has Wisdom Teeth

Fact: This is not always true. Around 35% of people are born without wisdom teeth. The development and emergence of wisdom teeth vary greatly among individuals, and it’s not guaranteed that everyone will have them​​​​​​.

Myth: You Can Easily Tell If You Have Wisdom Teeth

Fact: Not necessarily. Wisdom teeth can be enclosed within the jawbone or soft tissue, making them invisible to the naked eye. X-rays are required to detect their presence and position​​​​.

Myth: Wisdom Teeth Must Always Be Removed

Fact: Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. If they are healthy, properly aligned, and do not cause impaction or risk to neighboring teeth, they may not require removal. However, most cases (about 85%) will eventually need extraction due to potential issues like impaction, risk to neighboring teeth, or hygiene difficulties​​​​.

Myth: Wisdom Teeth Are Useless

Fact: Contrary to this belief, wisdom teeth can be functional. Historically, they helped in chewing coarse food. Interestingly, research has shown that wisdom teeth contain stem cells, which may have future medical applications​​​​.

Myth: You Can’t Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Fact: It’s a relief to know that you can eat after having your wisdom teeth extracted. Soft and cold foods like ice cream are recommended initially to help soothe pain and swelling. However, it’s important to avoid using a straw post-extraction, as suction can disturb the healing site​​.

Myth: Wisdom Teeth Cause Crowding of Front Teeth

Fact: While wisdom teeth can exert pressure on adjacent molars, they are unlikely to cause crowding of the front teeth. Teeth naturally tend to move forward with age, a process not directly caused by wisdom teeth​​.

Myth: Sedation is Required for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Fact: While sedation can make the procedure simpler, it is not mandatory. Local anesthetic can sufficiently numb the area for a pain-free extraction, and patients can be awake during the process​​.

Myth: Only Oral Surgeons Can Extract Wisdom Teeth

Fact: Many general dentists are skilled in wisdom teeth extractions. The decision to refer to an oral surgeon depends on the dentist’s expertise and the specific needs of the patient​​.

Understanding these facts can help demystify wisdom teeth and their treatment. If you have concerns about your wisdom teeth, consulting with your dentist at Kennesaw Mountain Dental is the best course of action. We can provide personalized advice based on an examination and x-rays of your teeth. When necessary, our dentists can also offer safe and comfortable wisdom teeth removal.

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